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Letter from the Bekaa valley

23rd November 2014

Dear all,

here I am, at the end of my week in Marej, a small town in West Bekaa, overcome by this new chapter of our projects in Lebanon, this time in support of the Syrian refugees. We are 20 km from the Syrian border, and about 40 km from Damascus.

SAM_0053campoWhat new things can I tell you, with respect to ‘Music and Resilience’ so far? Certainly, the project is similar to our work with the Palestinian refugee community; I am training teachers and care workers in ‘psycho-social music education’, in other words, the use of music as an emergency resource for contrasting the emotional and psychological disintegration in traumatised refugee children; more and more neuro-psychological research is revealing the urgency in disaster areas of this kind of intervention, which appears to be of equal importance to the ‘classical’ emergency aid (water, food, shelter), to protect and sustain the victims’ capacity to resist psychologically and to react in an active and constructive way. Continue reading

Psycho-social music training in support of Syrian refugees

We have just completed the first phase of our new project in support of the Syrian refugee population of Lebanon, in collaboration with Sonbola Education Initiative (Lebanon) and Nai Foundation (Austria).

DSC_2614trainingDeborah Parker spent a week in the Sonbola education centre in Marej, (a small locality near Chtaura in the Bekaa valley), training a group of teachers and support workers in psycho-social music pedagogy, to develop their strategies for caring for children in the refugee camps nearby. The camps involved were Tarib al Saida and Tall Waza Camp. Continue reading