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M&R, May 2015, Beirut

last evening!We have so many friends in Lebanon now. We’re always so happy to return and to continue our work with Beit Atfal Assumoud and the Palestinian refugee community.

We’ve just attended Assumoud’s 9th Annual Conference, and conducted follow-up meetings for project planning.

And we have had the great pleasure of Mercedes Pavlicevic’s company and contribution to M&R …

Read more here Final report M&R May 2015

with our Syrian friends again …


20150505_123159On 4th and 5th May, we continued our project with Sonbola Education initiative, in the Syrian refugees camps in Marej, (Chtaura, Bekaa valley, Lebanon), throught the field-visit of trainer   Deborah Parker, to run workshops for the children and supervise their teachers.  20150505_115057Read full report here Report sv and follow-up 4-5- May 2015