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August 2016 – M&R continues …

We are just back from a 3 week stay in Lebanon, continuing M&R in both its aspects of Music Therapy (MT) and Community Music (CM). The Prima Materia team numbered 12, including the project coordinators, 6 CM teachers, 2 MT trainees, and 2 volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who supported this mission in our crowd-funding campaign, which is still open, for anyone else who wishes to contribute to M&R!

And many thanks also to Welfare Association Lebanon for the direct funding to Assumoud in support of M&R.

beddawi orchestra light

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2nd year professional music therapy training for Assumoud psychologists

The 2 Assumoud psychologists, Mohamad Orabi and Liliane Younes, have just completed their 2nd year of training at the Music Therapy School of Assisi. Assisted and tutored by Deborah Parker, they attended the 15 day intensive residential course, and passed all the exams for the 1st year subjects with high marks.

L, M e D

Prima Materia and Beit Atfal Assumoud wish to thank Ulaia ArteSud Onlus, Rome, for the precious financial support through its project “Band Without Borders”, funded by the Waldensian Church Foundation.

We wish also to thank the Centro Educazione Permanente ‘La Citadella’ Assisi and the staff of the ‘Corso Quadriennale di Musicoterapia’, for the warm reception of the 2 students from Lebanon, and considerable organizational, logistic and economic support during their training course.