Here’s a brief account of the associations, institutions, organizations and individuals we are meeting on our way. With them we are sharing interests and targets, cooperating for old and new projects or we are just friends!

Taawon – Welfare Association Lebanon

Currently the main sponsor of “M&R”, vocated to the development and cultivation of healthy communities.

ULAIA ArteSud onlus

Association based in Rome, heading “Banda Senza Frontiere” partner and ‘sister project’ of Music and Resilience.


National Institution for Social Care and Vocational Training “Beit Atfal Assomoud” – Lebanon.

Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsability – Finland

Associazione per la Pace – Mola di Bari

Walkabout Drum Circle – Lebanon

White West African Drumming Workshop

Nai Foundation – Austria

For the development of support for Syrian children through high standard music programs. Facebook

Sonbola Education Initiative – Lebanon

Providing non-formal education for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Al Fayha Choir – Lebanon

Al Kamandjati – Palestine

Music Therapists for Peace – Argentina

Centro Studi Musicoterapia Alto Vicentino – Italia

Scuola di Musicoterapia della Pro Civitate Christiana di Assisi – Italia

Dans La Rue – Canada

Organization serving youth on the street

Region of Puglia

Region of Tuscany

Province of Florence

Union of Municipalities Empolese-Valdelsa

ARCI Empolese-Valdelsa

ERAM Music Therapists Florence

ANANSE Communication


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