Here is a sample of our activities through our short video productions!

Music And Resilience 2013-15 – Project in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

The document (30′) tells the story of project Music And Resilience since summer 2013 to december 2015, going through the moments of training, exchange, free time. The voices of the protagonists (coordinators, teachers, students, beneficiaries) directly tell their experiences and the key aspects of the project and the music played together represents the sountrack of the whole experience!

Caro Campo – Dear Camp… – Telling about the Palestinians in Lebanon [ENG-ITA /ENG sub]

Demo of the performance realized by the 15 students from Prima Materia who spent three weeks in the refugee camps in Lebanon in August 2013 as part of the music exchange with Assomoud.

Reportage Musicoterapia in Libano [ITA]

First video report of the project “Music Therapy and Social Care”, pilot project of “Music and Resilience”, in cooperation with ULAIA ArteSud onlus and Cooperativa Camera a Sud.