M&R Annual Report 2017

We are happy to publish the Full Report of our activities and progress in Music and Resilience for the period September 2016-October 2017. It has been a busy year with many challenges, but also a lot of satisfaction.

M&R Full Report 2017

Warm thanks to  all the organizations who have contributed:

  • our local partner in Lebanon ‘Beit Atfal Assumoud’;
  • Welfare Association Lebanon;
  • Ulaia Artesud Rome Italy;
  • the staff and student team from MARS, EU funded Erasmus Plus project;
  • the School of Music Therapy, Assisi Italy;
  • Municipality of Montespertoli Italy;
  • Cheap Street Methodist Church community, Sherborne UK;

and special thanks to our many friends and sponsors. All your help and support is highly appreciated!

It’s all happening now!

A small window on the extensive Summer Music program now taking place in the refugee camps of Beddawi, Wavel and in Saida, involving around 60 Palestinian and Syrian children and adolescents. This year the team of 16 music teachers, facilitators and students comes from Italy, France, Spain and UK, including trainees from our Erasmus Plus project MARS.

Many more photos and stories are available here.

A special thank-you to our friends and sponsors who have donated funds and instruments from all over Europe and beyond – your contribution is essential and you are all with us in mind and heart.

Our crowd funding is still active for any other supporters to join the M&R club!


Preparing the Summer Music Camps in Lebanon

The PM M&R and MARS teams and supporters are getting ready for the July Summer Music Camps with Assumoud, to be held in the Beddawi  and Saida centres, involving children in the Community Music groups, with a residential course for 30 children in the mountains, before the final concert in Saida on 15th July.

A new workshop will be offered in Wavel Camp, Baalbek, where there has been no music activity, and there are no instruments …

… so we are making them! Here are some photos of preparations for one of the the xylophone kits, which will be assembled on the 1st workshop day.

You can contribute to the project by supporting us through our crowd funding campaign – THANK YOU!

Fund raising evening for M&R

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our “Serata Palestinese” on 18th March; a highly enjoyable evening with presentation conference, a delicious Arabic supper, and lots of music.

Funds raised will go towards covering the live costs of  this year’s project actions, the next of which starts next week: a 10-day Community Music workshop in Beddawi and Saida refugee camps, led by Prima Materia and supported by MARS training students from Italy, Spain and UK.


Planning for April …

Beddawi Community Music group at work, Friday 3rd March 2017.

This week PM has completed follow-up visits to Beddawi and Saida Community Music groups, for detailed planning of the April workshops, when a team of 6 musicians from Italy, Spain and UK (including 4 students from the Erasmus Plus MARS project) will work with children and trainers for 8 days, in preparation for the Summer program.

Follow-up was also provided for the Music Therapy research project; data collection is planned during 2017, prior to analysis and presentation in 2018.

Report M&R 2016


Here is the full report of our actions in 2016: we invite you to read what we were able to achieve in the Music Therapy and Community Music programs, and how much it meant for some of the children involved: mr-full-report-for-sponsors-and-donors-nov-2016

Thank you, as always, to our many sponsors and donors, who enable us to continue this work; institutional funding is harder and harder to find, and we rely on the initiative of well-wishers in their continued support.

You can donate via our crowd-funding campaign – thank you!

August 2016 – M&R continues …

We are just back from a 3 week stay in Lebanon, continuing M&R in both its aspects of Music Therapy (MT) and Community Music (CM). The Prima Materia team numbered 12, including the project coordinators, 6 CM teachers, 2 MT trainees, and 2 volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who supported this mission in our crowd-funding campaign, which is still open, for anyone else who wishes to contribute to M&R!

And many thanks also to Welfare Association Lebanon for the direct funding to Assumoud in support of M&R.

beddawi orchestra light

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2nd year professional music therapy training for Assumoud psychologists

The 2 Assumoud psychologists, Mohamad Orabi and Liliane Younes, have just completed their 2nd year of training at the Music Therapy School of Assisi. Assisted and tutored by Deborah Parker, they attended the 15 day intensive residential course, and passed all the exams for the 1st year subjects with high marks.

L, M e D

Prima Materia and Beit Atfal Assumoud wish to thank Ulaia ArteSud Onlus, Rome, for the precious financial support through its project “Band Without Borders”, funded by the Waldensian Church Foundation.

We wish also to thank the Centro Educazione Permanente ‘La Citadella’ Assisi and the staff of the ‘Corso Quadriennale di Musicoterapia’, for the warm reception of the 2 students from Lebanon, and considerable organizational, logistic and economic support during their training course.